The Current’s collection is focused on the impact of technology on the human condition.

We seek works that are digitally-native, making the actual artwork itself accessible among our supporters. The Current's collection is your collection as well.

Artists in the Collection

LaTurbo Avedon, Meriem Bennani, Snow Yunxue Fu, Ryan Kuo, Tabita Rezaire, and Jakob Kudusk Steensen.

Conditions for Acquisition

*Such as artist intent, instructions, equipment specifications, production guidelines for physical components, scores, codebase, project files, etc.

Guiding Principles

Learn more about our collection on Drip.



  • Dan Desmond
  • Ben Fino-Radin
  • Virginia Heffernan
  • Jon Kurland
  • Alice Lloyd George
  • Kelani Nichole
  • Laine Nooney
  • Lexie Komisar
  • Brooke Stone
  • Deep Gujral
  • Phoebe Alix


  • Joy Peng
  • Anna Talley
  • Mason Poli
  • Ludi Leiva
  • Josh Peterson